Dessert Bar

Are you planning a bar or bat mitzvah? A wedding? A milestone birthday? Everyone loves a celebration, and everyone knows that great desserts add to the good cheer.

Our dessert bar is perfect for any type of event: weddings; bar and bat mitzvahs; brit mila/’’brita’’ parties; synagogues events; conferences; private parties and upscale events. We can even upgrade the dessert bar offered by your caterer or banquet hall.  

So why not add elegance, beauty, and flavor to your event with our rich selection of scrumptious desserts? Wow your guests and cause a sensation! 

Speaking of taste, let's talk about parve desserts. Given their reputation, we decided to rise to the challenge.

 After endless research and experiments, we have come up with the most amazing tastes and flavors, all incorporated into our incomparable pareve desserts! Our handcrafted products are made from top-quality raw materials. Each dessert is a work of art tailored to your unique needs and your special guests. No more making do with a mediocre pareve dessert after a meat meal again! 

Awesome pareve desserts are our specialty.  Just ask our thousands of clients who come back again and again.

Contact us before you plan your next event.