About me

How many times have you eaten at an upscale and pricey meat restaurant and been disappointed with the dessert? How many times have you attended an event in a ritzy and reputable banquet hall and at the end of the evening, you took one bite of the beautiful dessert and left it on the plate?  

I have had similar experiences, and like you, I once believed that desserts after a meat meal could never really fit the bill. But I love challenges, and I set out myself the goal to create the perfect parve desserts. 

And I succeeded. I specialize in making awesome pareve desserts.

My name is Ofira Talmor

My name is Ofira Talmor, and I have been a confectioner since 2008. I studied baking and confectionery at Bishulim – The Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts in Tel Aviv. Following that, I did my internship and worked several years at a patisserie in Rehovot.

In recent years I have studied with some of the best pastry chefs in Israel and around the world, and I continue to develop and grow professionally. 

I believe

I believe that every good dessert starts with excellent raw materials. I never use preservatives or artificial additives, and my desserts are always fresh, meticulously handcrafted and of superb quality.

After experimenting for years and refining my art, I opened my own boutique patisserie that specializes in parve desserts. Today I offer a wide variety of exquisite desserts which reflect a variety of unique needs and tastes. 

If you think parve desserts are a compromise, think again! I promise you that our cutting-edge parve creations will change your mind forever. 


Kosher under the supervision of the Modi’in Rabbinate*

* Since all my products are kosher, they are also suitable for those who don’t eat milk.